Collaborate on music from anywhere.

Powerful and secure remote music collaboration, production reviewing, and portfolio creation tool.
Take your music to new heights.
Intuitive features to help you and your collaborators make music, from start to finish.
A global mind of music.
Search and find the right collaborators for your music. From musicians to producers, and from song writers to audio technicians, MusicMind makes it easier to build your network of music professionals and collaborators.
Effective music collaboration at the core.
At the core of MusicMind are collaboration song rooms. A place to securely upload work-in-progress tracks, communicate with collaborators, and bring out the best in your music.
A portfolio for your music life.
Quality portfolios attract quality collaborators. With MusicMind, you can upload your music tracks to your music portfolio on your profile.
Music Portfolio

Create a portfolio for your music life.

Music Collaboration Studio

Manage your song collaborations.

Music Talent Search

Build your network of music makers.

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